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Why The World Is Switching To Solar

In 88 minutes, more energy from the sun hits the Earth’s surface than humanity consumes in a year.
In 112 hours — less than five days — it provides more energy than is contained in all proven reserves of oil, coal and natural gas on the planet.
If humanity could capture 1 part in 1,000 (one-tenth of one percent) of the solar energy striking the Earth we could have access to six times as much energy as we consume in all forms today.
These staggering numbers, in combination with an exponential decline in solar energy costs, put us on track to meet between 50 percent and 100 percent of the world’s energy production from solar in the next 20 years.

Curious How Much You Could Save?

See for yourself, with our handy-dandy Solar Savings Calculator.
Depending on where you live, who your current energy provider is, and the government backed incentives available in your area, you’ll find out how much you could be saving on your monthly expenses.

Power Your Home With Clean Energy

Upgrading your home to Solar has never been easier. The solar industry has grown leaps and bounds, for many reasons, but mainly because it simply works.
From how many panels your home will need, how to safely and securely install it on your roof, connecting it all up to power your home energy needs… all the “stuff” it really takes to make it all work, and work well, is no longer a complicated or stressful experience.

After vetting hundreds of companies in the solar industry, a few gems stood out.

The partners we choose to connect with homeowners to make their clean energy solar powered dreams a cost saving reality set the gold standard for quality, cost, installation and service so as to provide you a seamless, cost-effective and reliable solar experience.
Lower Energy Bills
Hassle-Free, Done For You Solutions
Low Risk, High Return Investment
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Go The Way Of The Future

Solar Savings

Save money using the same amount of energy or more than you do now, cleaning the environment, all while protecting yourself from future rising costs of fossil fuels.

Harness The Sun In Style

Lead by example and be the envy of your neighborhood. Solar tech is more beautiful than ever to complement your home. Once the Joneses next door see your setup, they'll be Jonesing to ask you how they can go solar too.

No-hassle, Lifetime Coverage

No worries about repair, maintenance or replacement for the lifetime of your solar setup. It's so important to usher in a clean energy future that it's all taken care of for you.

Is Solar Available In My Area?

EnergyWise.Solar was born from a shared vision of a sustainable, renewable, clean-energy future.

See how much you could save by switching to solar.
Calculate My Savings
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